Automated & Manual Call Scoring

Score 100% of your calls

Call scoring is the evaluation of your phone calls, depending on how your phone call went with your team’s performance. For sales and marketing teams, call scoring can help bring up certain metrics like compliance and lead quality.

Voice Titan’s advantage is that you can choose if you want call scoring enabled or disabled on a team level. After every single call, you team will be able to tag, score, and describe the call. This information is extremely important once it has been shared with others within your organization. Anybody can act on this, which in turn, will bring you additional productivity and revenue.

Even though we can automatically score each call, it is important to note that computers can not compete with humans. That is why we provide the ability for all team members to tag, score and describe each call if preferred by company.


Benefits of Call Scoring

The benefits of call scoring are, whether its automated or manually inputted is that you can share it with all your team members, get feed back and remember what happened. It can help you keep track of your conversations, performance, remember the customer. Additionally, it reminds you of how you performed on your call.

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