Voice Titan’s advanced Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

depending on each call type, you can set up calls to be routed based on agents who are able to support those needs

Voice Titan has different selection types which can help you choose the best option for your needs.

  • Route inbound calls according to service level
  • Route by schedule and locations
  • Route based on languages
  • Route by availability and skills
  • Route based on experience

Calls can be routed to specific agents or departments that is most qualified to address the customer’s needs. ACD allows callers to be routed immediately to the most appropriate agent, if agents are not available the call can be queued with callback options. Voice Titan’s ACD allows for managers to monitor all call activities and have control over those calls. When all agents are busy, and queues are at maximum limits depending on your settings, calls can be routed to voicemail.

Voice Titan’s routing strategy is based on our advanced algorithm that determines the best available agent or department taking inside consideration many factors inside your organization.

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