Voice Titan’s call recordings

help businesses optimize their inbound and outbound calls by allowing the business to ensure quality of calls.

Call recordings allow you to review conversations for training, evaluation, and quality purposes. You have the option to give access to your teammates as well, so they can review the recorded calls.

Voice Titan’s ability and flexibility gives you the option to record only inbound calls, record outbound calls only, record internal calls only and record all calls. Recording options are very flexible and can be configured to record a percentage and other options you can configure.

Benefits to recording calls

Improve customer satisfaction by determining the quality of your team’s performance.

Improve Customer Satisfaction by reviewing conversations between your team and your customers.

Ensuring compliance by minimizing risks and saving recordings of conversations accountable to legal regulations.

Train new employees by having them listen to recorded conversations between you team and your customers.

Ability to create transcriptions of your call recordings to be further analyzed and transferred to your desired storage space.

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