Powerful Tracking for Every call and Campaign

Imagine receiving detailed call reports and call tracking detailed metrics and big data about your phone calls. With Voice Titan’s advanced call tracking platform, you will be able to track your phone calls whether they are inbound or outbound. The customer journey will be measured and be accounted for your convenience, so you can focus on maximizing your marketing efforts and spending’s. It is very important that you get this information in order for you’re to optimize your marketing campaigns, which will in turn get your more phone calls.

Inbound call tracking:

With Voice Titan you will get call detail reports on every single phone call, receive visual representations of the quality of your call by the amount of calls per selected amount of time, source that generated the call, call statuses and much more. Inbound call tracking will use our advanced call distribution to route calls based on many demographics.

We have API’s with major marketing and social media platforms including but not limited to Google Adwords, Salesforce, Facebook. When you are running a marketing campaign we want to make sure we can provide you all the details about the caller, so you can take and analyze this information and start optimizing your marketing campaigns.

Outbound call tracking:

Even though inbound call tracking is a critical part to marketing and marketing spending’s, we believe that outbound calls are as important. It is important to measure the performance and time spending of your team members. We want to provide you all the reporting and information we can capture about your team’s outbound calls. Our reports can provide you with details regarding who your team called, why they called, when they called, and what they talked about. These settings can be configured any way you desire and the details you want to capture about your team’s outbound performance.

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