Interactive Voice Response (IVR) routes calls to the appropriate recipient. IVRs help create a professional customer experience while increasing agent efficiency.
The sophisticated Voice Titan platform enables customer to create simple and complex IVR and call distribution channels, internally and externally. It further provides the ability to design the iVR to route calls based on schedules, caller phone type, location, etc.

Customers can create call marketing campaigns and qualify callers before calls are actually routed to the appropriate agent or call center. This is done by acquiring customer information through a customizable questionnaire, which callers respond to by voice or keypad input.

Voice Titan allows customers to easily customize their IVR based on business needs and capacity, as well as grant users direct access to specific branches of the IVR for increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

Voice Titan offers a state of the art Voice Recognition feature, which combined with an IVR can be a powerful tool equipped with convenience and satisfaction for callers. Voice recognition enables callers to speak into the phone rather than keypad input.

Interactive SMS Response (ISR) can automatically respond to incoming text messages. With Voice Titan customers can send and receive text messages through a softphone, which will help save time and be better prepared to engage in conversations. The ISR can be created and customized to fit any business model, and it verifies all information before it sends that conversation to the appropriate parties.

Text messaging is becoming a very large part of people’s daily lives. This amazing feature enables business phone numbers to accept calls and texts. Businesses use this option to provide variety of options for their customers to reach them.

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