A new era of messaging

With Voice Titan’s advanced soft-phone application across all devices, you will be able to message your customers by simply typing on our application. This will enable to you to connect with customers, drive more engagement, and offer your customers multiple ways to connect with you.

Messaging allows your customers the convenience to either text or call your business. Voice Titan’s Soft-Phone, mobile and desktop messaging app focuses on security and speed. Ability to communicate internally with colleagues, message your customer’s texting you. View complete reports on what is going on, and see how you can improve.

Add our widget to your website for click-to-texting.

Ability to send and receive messages on local and toll-free numbers

Voice Titan also offers a texting IVR, which means you can create a texting IVR tree to automatically reply to your inbound texts and answer some or most of the questions asked by your customers before it sends that conversation to your team members.

You will be able to see delivery status and measure performance, schedule texting, picture texting, run surveys, and get all the reports based on performance and important indicators of your conversation.

The world's first phone system that enables free incoming calls globally

A Revolutionary Voice Platform

Making every call count