Real-time and historical reports

Voice Titan offers both real-time reporting and historical reporting on all your conversation activities. With next-level real-time reporting tools to boost reporting value and improve the decision-making process by presenting companies with the most updated reports technically possible.

When time limitations are critical to your business, having our real-time reporting system means the difference between knowing each day’s data and knowing exactly what is happening immediately. Businesses like you have full control over which reports you need to view, which reports to create and compare, and choose to save the data anywhere you like.

Search for current and historical reports

Select dates and pull your desired report

Create custom report comparisons

Reports are a crucial part of businesses today. At Voice Titan we wanted to enable these features to offer you more insight about your telephone calls. With all this new information provided to you, with additional integrations, you will be able to make business decisions depending on your company’s telephone call performance. We give you the full control, so you can sort through all the details and find what you are looking for at any given time. Seeing inbound, outbound and internal calls being tracked in real-time allows you to analyze the call performances like never before. With this powerful system, you will be able to do A/B testing and see what is working better for you. We want to make sure your phone calls are converting better for you.

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