Voice Titan’s advanced filters

give you an option to decide how each incoming call should be handled.

You have the option to set restrictions, create and edit filters, and route calls based on these selected filters through the IVR. Filters are great if you are running marketing campaigns and only want to accept certain calls from certain demographics.

Create and customize your own filters:

Selector filter allows you to write descriptions of your keypad options

Fixed filters allow you to ask and get a response for a certain amount of digit length

Range filters allow you to set minimum and maximum values you will accept from the caller

Filters can be applied to your marketing campaigns, so you can distinguish between callers and get answers you are looking for. Works directly with the IVR you create, routes and distributes the calls accordingly. Filters can be incredibly important to call management because it allows you to discern how each call should be handled based on certain answers you want from your callers. This also frees up your agents time to be able to handle more calls.

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